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Howe Township Sewer Authority   -    Oliver Township Sewer Authority

Newport Borough Municipal Authority

July 28, 2022

Meeting Agenda


7:00 P.M.   Call Meeting to order – Meeting is being recorded

Amendments to the Agenda

Public Comment

Approval of Minutes     June 23, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Approval of Bills    (1)   Orrstown O & M Bills

                              (2)   Orrstown General Fund Bills

                              (3)   June 2022 Debt Service Transfer $11,460

                              (4)   June 2022 General Fund Transfer $5,775

                              (5)   Acceptance of Waters Reports for June 2022


Old Business     (1)   Update on Overage (Howe & Oliver) 


New Business    (1)   NBMA Payroll, Medical and Work Compensation

                          (2)   Accept the 2021 Audit


WWTP Operator Report    (1)   Server Warranty Expired May 3, 2022

                                          (2)  Quote for Influent Sampler $2,188.71                                              from Teledyne (need to replace                                                               refrigeration unit)


Solicitor Report         (1)   112-114 Market

Engineer’s Report    (1)    Construction Schedule for CSS Project # 2


  1.  PennVest Pre-Construction Conference Meeting minutes from April 7, 2022

Next Meeting     August 25, 2022 Regular Meeting at 7:00 P.M.

Will have Mid Month Meeting if needed on August 10, 2022


WWTP entrance 2.png

CSS #2 Project Zone

Sixth and Market

The project has begun with a few exploratory digs to locate specific pipe locations. Sixth and Market and Fourth and Market will be explored.

August 15 thru 18:  After the exploratory digs work will begin on Market street.

August 22 thru August 25:Fourth Street sanitary sewer main.

August 29 thru September 1: Market Street sanitary laterals.

September 5 thru 8: Fifth Street sanitary sewer main.

September 12 thru 15: Fifth Street sanitary laterals.

September 19 thru 22: as needed time to complete previous work and "surprises".

September 26 thru October 6: Concrete-Paving-Yard restoration.

The order of street-trenching may change. Check back for updates.

Market and Sixth (1).jpg