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Newport Borough Municipal Authority

November 21, 2022

Meeting Agenda


7:00 P.M.   Call Meeting to order – Meeting is being recorded

Amendments to the Agenda

Public Comment

Approval of Minutes         September 22, 2022 and October 27, 2022 

Approval of Bills:

(1) Approval of General Fund Bills

(2) Approval of O & M Bills

(3) Approval of Transfer of $11,460 to NBMA Debt Service Acct for September 2022  

(4)  Approval of Transfer of $5,775 to Gen Fund Account for September 2022

(5)  Accept Water Reports for September 2022

(6)  Accept Water Reports for September 2022




Old Business               


(1)   Office Computers 

(2)   2023 NBMA Proposed 

(3)  WWTP Overage Money



New Business


(1)  Meeting Ad for 2023


WWTP Operator Report    


Solicitor Report 


Engineer’s Report 



Next meeting: December 14 (when needed),  December 22 (regular monthly meeting.

WWTP entrance 2.png
Heading 6

CSS #2 Project Zone

Project Update. 11/12/2022

Doli Construction will complete their portion of paving Monday and Tuesday (11/14/22 - 11/15/22). Fifth street will be paved by the Water Authority's contractor.

Doli will return in the spring to place the smooth top paving. It is too late by PennDot rules (temperature related) to place the final top coat paving.